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BBQube outdoor wood burning stove and barbecue

BBQube 2-Wheel Base

Product Ref: BBQube/2WB/SS

RRP: £1,999.00 inc. VAT

BBQube wood-burning stove and barbecue integrated into an outdoor kitchen

BBQube For Outdoor Kitchen: Grill & Heater

Product Ref: BBQube

RRP: £1,699.00 inc. VAT

BBQube Log Store alongside BBQube outdoor wood-burning stove and barbecue

BBQube & Log Store

Product Ref: BBQube/4LS/SS

RRP: £2,799.00 inc. VAT

HeatQube outdoor wood-burning stove from BBQube

HeatQube Heater Only: 4-Wheel Base

Product Ref: HQ/4WB

RRP: £1,699.00 inc. VAT

HeatQube outdoor heater from BBQube

HeatQube Heater Only

Product Ref: HQ

RRP: £1,499.00 inc. VAT