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HeatQube Heater Only: 4-Wheel Base

Discover the HeatQube Heater Only with 4-wheel base, a premium heater tailored for those who seek to maximise their outdoor oasis. Crafted to perfection, this heater caters to your desire for an increased utilisation of your cherished outdoor space.

Product Ref: HQ/4WB

BBQube made in Great Britain


  • Highly manoeuvrable on 4-wheeled braked castors.
  • Can be provided with no base for you to build into your own outdoor kitchen.
  • Ideal if you wish to compliment an existing barbecue on your patio.
  • Fuel: Wood for warmth.
  • Powerful heating performance.
  • Keeps you effortlessly warm.
  • Spring loaded door.
  • Unique, coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Lateral air adjustment lever for easy burn control.
  • Two part flue included.
  • Aluminium door handle.
  • Protective gloves included.


A well-maintained HeatQube guarantees enduring reliability, offering a secure heat source and adaptable cooking options for an extended period. Beyond exceptional performance and environmental standards, the HeatQube is backed by a 5-year Guarantee. As with all HeatQube products, the collection is meticulously engineered to the highest technical standards using premium-grade materials.


The strategic air supply design leads to significantly reduced smoke production compared to other solid fuel outdoor heating devices. Through a short flue pipe, the minimal smoke that does arise is directed away from the unit and its surroundings.


Operating akin to a wood-burning stove, the heater employs a single lever to regulate airflow into the chamber, thus determining the heat output. With a glass door facilitating easy refuelling, the mesmerising glow of the flames remains consistently visible.


    Each BBQube is inspected and certified to the highest quality and carries an extended 3-year warranty (upon registration) for materials and workmanship; valid for as long as the original purchaser owns the BBQube or part, and covers: 

    Metal components 

    Glass components 

    Rope seal 

    Accessories provided with BBQube

    Temperature gauge  


    Our range of accessories will maximise your cooking experience, and enhance your enjoyment of using and caring for your BBQube. Accessories can be purchased on our website and will be delivered to your directly, or they can be ordered alongside your BBQube from your nearest stockist.

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